It Ends With Me Tempting You by PoetryAndPunkRock [18]

All Human AU. Thirty-one year old Buffy Summers-Finn is a lot of things: brave, athletic, kind, quirky, pretty and, above all, bored. She doesn't know how it happened but somehow her life had become full of days sitting at home alone waiting for her husband, Riley and daughter, Dawn to return home. Taking initiative, Buffy decides to get back out into the working world. But one day an accidental meeting puts twenty-three year old William "Spike" Pratt directly in her path. Recently released from jail and betrayed by the love of his life, Spike is heartbroken, a little dangerous and, possibly, the cure for Buffy's boredom.

Sparks in the Water by Linnae13 [NC-17]

Basically obsessed; basically a stalker; basically a love drunk fool. Spike Pratt, loner and occasional alcoholic, is foolishly trapped in a constant game of hide and seek. He is Buffy Summers' shadow, and she has no clue. He watches from a distance, draws pictures of her, and every day flies by faster than the last, doused in wishes on pennies that he could only talk to her.
A small town in Wisconsin, U.S.A., surrounded by corn fields and not much else, Buffy lives as a store owner, and free advice giver for young adults. Her lonely home is a beautiful cabin, and her closest neighbor is the pond out front that gathers mosquitoes and frogs during summer. On a day she has imagined for years since the day he left, an ex love shocks her to her very foundations with a request. His name is Angel, and she never knew she would be so set on telling him no, but when it happens, she feels a weight lift from her chest. A weight that is seemingly ten years old. With it, she realizes just how lonely she is, and how quickly time has allowed her to travel down the road to becoming one of those cat ladies. She never wanted to be dubbed an "Old Maid," but even the reflection in the mirror is saying it now.

Then, a storm gathers in the form of a man with odd hair and even odder midnight rituals. She realizes quickly he is somehow lonelier than she, and Buffy feels drawn to him for just that reason, among maybe a hundred others...

Disclaimer: BtVS and its characters do not belong to me and I am not trying to make a profit from this story. This story is merely to entertain and the only thing that belongs to me is the plot.